Befriending the Breath, Gravity and Space and Yoga

This live online series explores how to combine spaciousness with ease, poise and grace within asana. The breath will be our guide.

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Recordings available for 2 months after the sessions

DateS & timeS :

1 October 2022

5 November 2022

3 December 2022

Recording Available

Recording Available

10.00  AM - 12.30 PM Irish Standard Time

What is your Yoga practice built on? One key foundation is your relationship to the ground, gravity, and space.

This series explores how you relate to the pull of gravity and the expansiveness of space. It examines how these relationships are mediated by the breath, the bones and myofascial tissues, and the dance of your diaphragms. It explores how the art of yielding creates impeccable alignment and a sequential flow of force and energy through the body. It sets up the best possible conditions for breathing to happen effortlessly.

We will focus on the practice of asana as a moment to moment yield and explore how ease, poise, stability and integrity can spontaneously arise in a movement practice. We will also consider the key role of the thoracic diaphragm in finding your middle path between life’s push and pull.

Yielding involves consciously giving, receiving and surrendering on a deep physiological level. This series investigates the idea that feeling safe in your body allows you feel safe in yourself. It explores how you take up space in the world and your rich and multi-layered sixth sense (proprioception). Discover how your yoga practice organically and magically evolves by making the unconscious conscious.

Come move, play and discover new possibilities and choices. The series includes movement inquiry, embodied anatomy, developmental movement, yoga asana, somatics, breathwork, and guided relaxation. 

The Series


october 1st
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November 5th, Recording Available

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December 3rd, 10.00Am-12.30PM Irish Standard Time
Online Livestream

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‘Learning is movement moment to moment.’ 


Livestream Details


October 1st , 10.00-12.30 IST
Recording Available

Learn what happens when you truly trust the earth to hold you up. This live online immersion explores how you relate to the pull of gravity as a place of support, grounding and relaxation.

We will look specifically at the art of yielding in asana, and the relationship between yielding, pushing and your inner world. Read more


November 5th , 10.00-12.30 IST
Recording Available

Learn what happens when you tap into your ‘essential’ breath. This live online immersion explores how your breath is a renewable source of energy, how to get out of your own way to free effortless breath, and how to create intelligent, refined asana. Read more

December 3rd , 10.00am-12.30pm Irish Standard Time
Cost: €30
Online Livestream

Learn what happens when you find an effortless rebound into space. This immersion explores how to consciously receive support from the space and the world around us. It examines how embodying space is experienced as poise, lightness, spontaneity and seamless flow in movement. It investigates resilience, taking up space, reaching, pulling, and the outer world. Read more

Lisa Petersen

Lisa Petersen is a somatics innovator and yoga teacher who is passionate about guiding people towards personal transformation both on and off the mat. She is internationally known for her integrity, clarity and presence. Her teaching is informed by a rich understanding of embodiment, experiential anatomy and developmental movement patterns. She is moved by finding the balance between being and doing, movement and stillness, strength and fluidity, discipline and freedom

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