Introduction to Somatics- 
Online Workshop

8 September 2024, 11am-1.30pm
Cost: €30
In English with Spanish translation by Montse Cob

Somatic Movement Education (SME) unites ancient yogic wisdom with modern neuroscience. It offers a safe, fast and profound way to release and reduce muscle tension and retrain your nervous system. Everything becomes easier and painless from head to toe. For many movement teachers and students, it is simply love at first sight! 

During this introductory workshop you will be able to notice:
– The release of pain, tension and contraction.
– You will discover flexibility, poise, strength, balance and relaxation.
– Internal alignment in movements and postures is refined.
– Understanding the relationship between the nervous system and muscles.
– You will learn to feel, correct and heal yourself.
– You will experience for yourself the power of the mind-body connection.

Somatic exercises can be perfectly incorporated into a yoga class, exercise routine, or training program. They offer a complete injury rehabilitation system for conditions such as tight muscles, herniated discs, hamstring tears, frozen shoulders, arthritis, hip, back and neck pain. 

Recommended for students of all yoga trends with more than one year of practice. Bring a curious mind and a grateful heart. Teachings will include a brief lecture, guided movement consultations, and somatic exercises. 

Suitable for all ages and movement levels. No previous experience required

Date: Sunday 8 September 2024
Time:  11:00-13:30 Irish Time
Location: Online via Zoom in collaboration with City Yoga Madrid

'Learning is movement moment to moment'