“There are two things people say after attending a Lisa Petersen class. One, is that there is no-one like her. And secondly, that she’s the best yoga teacher they ever had. Lisa honors the body and helps you get in touch with it. But it’s never just about the body; about how far you can bend, how much you can stretch. It’s about the spirit. It’s about emotions. It’s about healing and integrating the body, spirit, mind and heart. All done in a gentle and unobtrusive way, with a lot of laughs.”

Nollaig, Dublin

“Lisa radiates an immediate warmth to the students in the room. I was captured right away by her ability to engage her students, her intelligence of the human body, her ability to make anatomy fascinating, her passion for yoga, her infectious laugh, her humor. Everything about her feels very natural and real.”

Kathryn, Canada

“Lisa has a way of not just teaching and sharing her knowledge, but totally embodying the principles she teaches. When I watch her demonstrate, something is ignited deep within me and all the information aligns. It is clear she has a deep intellectual understanding of what she is teaching, but the beauty is that she can share that knowledge in many different ways, making it accessible to everyone.”

Anna, New Zealand

“Lisa is pure inspiration when it comes to learning how to teach yoga. With a vast fund of knowledge in the yoga science and a natural eye for detail, her love for giving knowledge to others shines through her character in every word and every exchange.”

Ananda, NZ

“Lisa’s instruction took me to places that I have never been able to go before. She opened my world to think beyond the confines of traditional teachings and took my teaching to a higher level. She also taught me how important it is for me as a teacher to honour and take care of myself.”

Elizabeth, UK

“Lisa Petersen brings a depth and sincerity to her classes that is the result of her commitment to both the practice and teaching of Yoga. Her study of contemporary Somatic techniques offers students simple yet effective solutions that are easily incorporated into everyday practice. Students who attend her classes can look forward to clear and informative instruction that is oriented to the needs of each individual in a warm and non-competitive environment. This is the ideal way for anyone to begin or further develop a Yoga practice.”

Donna Farhi, author of Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit and Bringing Yoga to Life

“I marvel at how Lisa navigates groups with such consummate ease. She has a unique ability to take a concept and put it into words that are easy to understand. I am always amazed by people who can share their knowledge in a manner that invites one to take a chance on a different direction.”

Nancy Addy, US

‘Lisa synthesizes an open heart with extensive knowledge of yoga, somatics, movement therapy, and bad Irish jokes. She is highly skilled at unpacking complex ideas about how human movement happens and traces this development from conception through to footstep while showing her students how to use their own body as the ground for their exploration. In a nutshell, you might say Lisa “does” somatic empiricism.”

Anna-Marie Larsen, Ghana & Canada

“Lisa’s approach is unique, organic, and powerful. It ensures that the body gets a full work-out, whilst the mind enjoys a well deserved rest.”

“Lisa’s teaching embodies yoga’s true potential: light, free, non-judgmental, sacred, strong and loving. Her magical voice seems engineered for relaxation in savasanna.”

Karl, Dublin

Practicing Yoga with Lisa has been truly relaxing and deeply physical each time. Lisa demonstrates her knowledge in anatomy while talking clearly on how to step into each position and deepen further into each move. She helps everyone individually and you feel at ease with her instantly.”

George, Dublin

“Just when you start questioning your self-worth, someone comes along who gets you back on the path of loving yourself and believing in your talents. That person has been you. You have a wonderful inner strength, vitality, and wisdom that allows others shine through in their own special way.”

Kira, Austria

“I know you will use your life to heal people, just like your smile heals me. I’ve decided your middle name is Grace “Great Love Without Reason.”

Cher, Vancouver

“You bring peace, or maybe you unlock the peace in me. Peace in turn brings stillness which leads to great seismic shifts in my being. Whatever it is, I am eternally grateful for it.”

Tony, Dublin

“I have been doing yoga with Lisa for nearly two years now and enjoy both the atmosphere in the class and her method of teaching. While Lisa has geared the level of yoga down to suit our ability we are ‘secretly’ being stretched a little bit further each time until we are doing things we never thought we could, such as standing on our heads! My flexibility, which is the reason I started yoga in the first place, has improved and at the end of a hard days work I find I have more energy at the end of class than I have going into it…namaste….”

Maura, Dublin