‘Lisa Petersen is a natural born teacher. With a unique gift for offering in depth material with clarity, creativity and humour, she invites us into a deeper embodiment, and it is this embodiment which is vital for our transformation. While grounded in the tradition of Yoga, Lisa is a true innovator in movement and somatics, with a remarkable knowledge in experiential anatomy, physiology, body systems and developmental movement. With all my heart I recommend and encourage you to study with her.’

Neal Ghoshal, Yoga Teacher, New Zealand

‘Lisa has deep insight into the bodymind and a way of bringing one back to what we are doing – the essence of yoga rather than the range of movement.  She directs her student to intimately know themselves and understand how to heal and grow through the practice of yoga.’

Paul Betesh, Yoga Teacher, UK

‘Lisa is simply superb–- seamlessly combining her knowledge of Somatics and Yoga in a way that is clear, accessible and engaging.  She brings a palpable warmth and enthusiasm into her teaching that is infectious and that encourages even the most timid of students to explore new territory. As a faculty member on my own teacher training, she has surpassed all my expectations.’

Donna Farhi, New Zealand

‘Lisa’s clear, loving, and often humorous approach to teaching allowed my body and mind to relax into receiving and feeling concepts and knowledge that I had struggled with in the past. She is a master at turning anatomical and yogic theory into a felt sense of practice.’

Sam Loe, Yoga Teacher, New Zealand

‘Lisa is a wonderful teacher on many levels. She has remarkable knowledge of Yoga, anatomy, Somatics and the human body which she generously shares with her students. She knows exactly where to pitch her language, making the information accessible for all. Her warm, compassionate nature and ability to hold a space empowers students to safely dive in to their own experience.  Every time I attend a workshop with Lisa I enter with one body and leave with quite another! I deepen my understanding of myself, my practice, the human body and walk away with practical tools, sequences and information that I can immediately apply to my own teaching and practice. Lisa is a pleasure to work with and I would encourage anyone to study with her.’

Claire Nettley, Yoga Teacher, Australia

‘As a teacher myself I recognize that having knowledge does not always mean an innate ability to teach. Teachers, real teachers have a gift, a special something that helps them to share their knowledge in a myriad of ways, styles and voices so that everyone in the class can feel, understand and ultimately learn in their own unique way. Lisa is one of these teachers and to be in her class is a privilege.’

Michelle Riordan, Yoga Teacher, Ireland

‘Lisa radiates an immediate warmth to the students in the room. I was captured right away by her ability to engage her students, her intelligence of the human body, her ability to make anatomy fascinating, her passion for yoga, her infectious laugh, her humor. Everything about her feels very natural and real.’

Kathryn Turnbull, Yoga Teacher, New Zealand

‘Lisa has a way of not just teaching and sharing her knowledge, but totally embodying the principles she teaches. It is clear she has a deep intellectual understanding of what she is teaching, but the beauty is that she can share that knowledge in many different ways, making it accessible to everyone. When I watch her demonstrate, something is ignited deep within me and all the information aligns.’

Anna Jakes, Yoga Teacher, New Zealand

‘Lisa Petersen is one of the most inspiring teachers I have met in the area of movement education. She creates an all inclusive, kind and gentle environment for students to be at ease, and imparts her clear, intelligent knowledge to awaiting bodies. I soaked up every moment with relish, and look forward to my somatic journey with her guidance.’

Clare O’Dea, Yoga Teacher, Ireland

‘Lisa’s natural passion, interest, reverence, humility and compassion for the teaching of yoga is clearly evident in the immense preparation, clarity of presentation and inquisitive approach to the study and practice.  Her grace and dignity are warmly shared, opening an exciting understanding of the body dynamics that inform all our movement and expressions of movement in time and space.  She is personable, kind, warm, professional and clear.’

Kathleen Gisho, Yoga Teacher. New Zealand

‘There are two things people say after attending a Lisa Petersen workshop. One, is that there is no-one like her. And secondly, that she’s the best yoga teacher they ever had. Lisa honors the body and helps you get in touch with it. But it’s never just about the body; about how far you can bend, how much you can stretch. It’s about the spirit. It’s about emotions. It’s about healing and integrating the body, spirit, mind and heart. All done in a gentle and unobtrusive way, with a lot of laughs.’

Nollaig Ni Mhaolainn, Yoga Student, Ireland

‘Lisa is a rare teacher in these days of shrink- wrapped knowledge imparted in a one size fits all way. Her methods ensures each student experiences the learnings from the inside out, from a deeply felt sense as you know she teaches from that same place in herself.  You only have to watch her move to see that she has incorporated all her learnings into every breath and movement with effortless integrity. She is quite literally poetry in motion.’

Katrina Hilton, Yoga Teacher, Australia

‘Lisa is pure inspiration when it comes to learning how to teach yoga. With a vast fund of knowledge in the yoga science and a natural eye for detail, her love for giving knowledge to others shines through her character in every word and every exchange.’

Ananda Haessner, Yoga Teacher, Germany

You have had such a positive impact on my teaching. I loved your fun happy spirit, and that you created a very safe and joyous container for me to learn. Your deep understanding of the work you presented was outstanding and your beautiful voice and descriptive imagery paved the way for a deeper understanding for me of the practice.’

Yvette Keddie, Yoga Teacher, Australia

‘Lisa’s teaching embodies yoga’s true potential: light, free, non-judgmental, sacred, strong and loving. Her magical voice seems engineered for relaxation in savasanna.’

Belinda Kelly, Psychotherapist, Ireland

‘Just when you start questioning your self-worth, someone comes along who gets you back on the path of loving yourself and believing in your talents. That person has been you. You have a wonderful inner strength, vitality, and wisdom that allows others shine through in their own special way.’

Kira Cook, Yoga Teacher, Austria

‘Lisa combines an inspiring curiosity about movement and learning with a natural ability to pass on the knowledge she has gained in her pursuit and to instill the same curiosity in her students. I came away from her lessons, both theoretical and practical, with a new understanding about how to move with ease and grace and to incorporate this into my yoga practice.’

Lea Maher, Yoga Teacher

‘I know you will use your life to heal people, just like your smile heals me. I’ve decided your middle name is Grace “Great Love Without Reason”.’

Cher, Yoga Teacher, Canada

‘I marvel at how Lisa navigates groups with such consummate ease. She has a unique ability to take a concept and put it into words that are easy to understand. I am always amazed by people who can share their knowledge in a manner that invites one to take a chance on a different direction.’

Nancy Addy, Yoga Teacher, US

 ‘Lisa has a wonderful sense of fun and generosity of spirit that makes learning with her delightful. Her inspired teaching of sun salutations by breaking it down into the push, pull and yield components had a profound effect on my whole practice. Every time I feel the effortless energetic physics flowing through my practice I thank Lisa.’

Katrina Hilton, Yoga Teacher, Australia

‘I appreciate Lisa´s style of teaching very much, I found her as a kind, very attentive and authentic teacher who displayed a great sense of humour. Her warm calming voice and clear instructions made it easy to join into the awareness of the body when the eyes were closed in inquiries. I found myself very nervous having to demonstrate a posture in front of the group and Lisa helped me through with her understanding, soothing and considerate presence. That gave me a lot more confidence and self-belief during demonstrations. I would not hesitate to join another training course with Lisa!’

Sandra Dietinger, Yoga Teacher, Germany

‘Lisa synthesizes an open heart with extensive knowledge of yoga, somatics, movement therapy, and bad Irish jokes. She is highly skilled at unpacking complex ideas about how human movement happens and traces this development from conception through to footstep while showing her students how to use their own body as the ground for their exploration. In a nutshell, you might say Lisa “does” somatic empiricism. And bad Irish jokes.’

Anna-Marie Larsen, Yoga Teacher, Canada

‘Lisa you blow my mind with this knowledge, thank you so much for dedicating your life to uncover and recover and sharing that path with all of us. I learn so much from every gathering. You’re a legend!’

Ann Mc Donald, Yoga Teacher, Ireland

‘Knowing Lisa’s work has been a revelation in my learning process, as a human being, as a student who has a body that sometimes I don’t listen to and also as a teacher for all the invaluable tools that it offers to me. The knowledge that Lisa has is very extensive and of invaluable application. The direct experience of my body through the somatic work has been a change of paradigm to understand myself, me and I and also to understand my ailments.  It is also a learning to know how to be in a body. As a yoga teacher this training has offered to me a lots of inspiration, security and amazing tools that have become a “must” in my classes and in my teachings.’

Marta Puig, Yoga Teacher, Spain

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