Somatics Training

Somatics offers the gift of empowerment, awareness and freedom. For many Yoga teachers and students it is quite simply love at first sight! Cultivating somatics within Yoga asana leads to flexibility, strength and long-term change. Beyond the basics, this practice will teach you how to change your nervous system and repattern ease into your body, mind and life. Whether you are a teacher or a student, come experience for yourself how somatics can help you bud, grow and THRIVE.

‘The Thinking Body’

Foundation Training in Somatic Movement Education with
Lisa Petersen

Contact our UK host Gaby Porter for a flyer and full details at: [email protected]

The Somatics Exercise Coach (SEC) training is a ten-day professional in person training consisting of four modules spread out over one year. The training is currently offered in Ireland, the UK and Spain. If you are interested in hosting training, let us know!

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We are taking expressions of interest for our next Irish and Spanish trainings and booking for the UK training. Irish training dates will be announced this autumn with training starting in spring 2023.

Ireland contact: [email protected]
UK contact: [email protected]
Spain contact: [email protected]

Somatic Movement Education (SME) offers a safe, fast and profound way to release and recalibrate tight muscles by retraining the nervous system and re-patterning the soma (body-mind). This training unites modern neuroscience and ancient yogic wisdom within the practice of somatics. Learn how to make the unconscious conscious and feel how everything becomes easier and pain free from your head to your toes. For many movement teachers and students, it is quite simply love at first sight!

‘The somatics training exceeded all my expectations and has been immensely supportive and nourishing. Lisa’s teaching is generous, deeply insightful, clear, and concise. She teaches with authenticity, integrity and huge compassion.’

Cheryl Jenkins, UK

‘I am not the same body, mind or spirit that came to the mat at the start of the training. The somatic teachings seem simple but are profound and have added so much to the way I practice, teach and perhaps most importantly live my life.’

Paul Oakley, England

‘Lisa Petersen is one of the most inspiring teachers I have met in the area of movement education. She creates an all inclusive, kind and gentle environment for students to be at ease, and imparts her clear, intelligent knowledge to awaiting bodies. I soaked up every moment with relish, and look forward to my somatic journey with her guidance.’

Clare O’Dea, Yoga Teacher, Ireland
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Somatic Exercise Coach (SEC) Training

A certified SEC is qualified to teach a wide range of somatic exercises confidently and professionally, has displayed competency in diagnosing somatic patterns, and is capable of prescribing exercise programs to groups or individuals. SEC Training is suitable for students and teachers of yoga and pilates, athletes, dancers, bodyworkers, physio and massage therapists, psychotherapists, GP’s, mindfulness teachers and anyone interested in functional movement.

SEC certification is gained with the successful completion of three modules and attendance at a half day practice of Integration and Competency which includes group practice, small group teaching and peer review.

  • Module 1: Learn about the three basic stress responses, how they influence posture and movement patterns, and the somatic movement approach to re-patterning the bodymind. This module is a deep dive into embodying somatics and learning how to do thirty fundamental exercises yourself.
  • Module 2: This module guides you towards deeper understanding, embodiment and refinement. Re-pattern and re-calibrate your learning from module 1. Learn thirty new exercises and discover profound ease in walking and breathing.
  • Module 3: Learn how to be a safe, competent and professional somatics coach. This module includes sequencing, class planning, instruction and modifications.
  • Integration and Competency: a half day of group practice, small group teaching, and peer review. This is followed by indepth and personalised feedback from our faculty.

The body has three primary stress responses that hijack our posture and movement patterns. These responses are hardwired into unconscious neuromuscular reflexes. This training will teach you to recognise these reflexes, understand how they affect you and what to do to create lasting change.

In Module 1 you will:

  • Learn about the three primary neuromuscular reflexes in the body – what they are – and how they influence your entire soma (body-mind)
  • Explore, refine, and break-down over thirty somatic exercises with a focus on posture and repatterning the central torso (somatic centre)
  • Refine awareness of your own posture and become competent in analysing posture in others
  • Learn how to set a kinaesthetic baseline for self-enquiry
  • Investigate the functional/embodied anatomy of your muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and myofascias
  • Discover new found ease, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and muscle function
  • Enhance kinesthetic awareness and proprioceptive feedback
  • Learn to pandiculate instead of stretch
  • Investigate sensory-motor amnesia: the nervous system response to injury, trauma, and repetitive strain
  • Find freedom from pain, tension and muscular contraction
  • Create natural and impeccable alignment
  • Learn to become your own somatic educator: self-sensing, self-correcting and self-healing

In Module 2 you will:

  • Dive deeper into somatics as an art, science and practice
  • Recalibrate and refine your understanding and embodiment of the exercises learnt in Module 1
  • Explore, refine, and break-down over fourty new somatic movements with a focus on upper and lower limbs, breathing and functional walking
  • Continue to enhance your awareness, muscle function, control, posture, alignment, flexibility, balance and strength

In Module 3 you will:

  • Learn the art of teaching somatics and how it is different from other teaching modalities like Yoga or Pilates
  • Explore how somatic movements can be seamlessly incorporated into a public class or private session, exercise routine, or other training program
  • Learn how to sequence a somatic class or session
  • Refine your instruction, touch, and ability to teach self-enquiry
  • Practice using somatic exercises for common conditions such as neck pain, shoulder pain, hyper-kyphosis, functional scoliosis, lower back pain, hip/knee pain, and arthritis
  • Learn how to educate others to be self-sensing, self-correcting and self-healing

This training includes:

  • Guided practice sessions each morning to both embody and calibrate the exercises
  • Short lectures, visual content, guided somatic enquiry, movement re-patterning, postural analysis, dyad and group work, restorative practices
  • A comprehensive program to use in your classes or private sessions
  • A clear understanding of the methodology behind Somatic Movement Education as an art as well as science
  • Instructions on teaching techniques, cueing, modifications, customising instructions, language, and imagery
  • A colour manual detailing history, philosophy, anatomy, teaching and practice fundamentals, full instructions and photographs of each exercise.

What am I qualified to do?

You are qualified as a Somatic Exercise Coach (SEC) which means you can safely, competently, and professionally teach somatic exercises to groups or individuals


10am – 1pm and 2.30pm – 5:30pm each day
Registration is open from 9.15am, and the workshop will start promptly at 10am


The new UK Training starting November 2022 is £1,650 STG Early Bird: £1,400 STG early bird before September 16th, 2022.

A payment plan option is available. Please contact [email protected] for details.

Please be aware that your booking is for the entire course.

For any further queries please contact [email protected]


Your payment can only be refunded (minus a EUR 46.76 administration fee) if your place can be filled from the wait-list.


Early booking is highly recommended as there are a limited number of places at the workshop. There will be a high ratio of participants to assistants to ensure clear and detailed personal attention.


We’re quite prop light in somatics, but comfort and support are key to nervous system releasing and repattering. We are happy to provide equipment for international students by prior arrangement.

1- 2 x yoga mats

2-3 x wool blankets (Iyengar style preferred)

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