June 9, 2022 - June 15, 2023

Join me for a 6 nights luxury escape from Friday to Thursday in the Burren.  It's an amazing week in the primal Burren landscape, swimming in crystal clear water and eating incredible food. Dave just revamped the entire centre with a new yoga room, singles with ensuites and more. 

I'm excited to be offering something new, and with a maximum of 18 people it keeps it very real, authentic and intimate. We will be spending over 26 hours in training with each other to give you time to embody yourself in new ways, grow and thrive as a teacher and practitioner. We really get to jam!

For the yogis,
you get three sessions a day with me - a 2 hour morning  session, a 2 hour afternoon  session and a 40 minute evening session. As well as 3 guided outings. Groups are small and class is personalised so I really get to know you and your practice. 

For the nature lovers, mornings after yoga and breakfast are spent exploring the beaches, cliffs, forests and hill of County Clare. 

For the foodies,
County Clare seems to specialise in eclectic combinations: lobster bisque, lebanese flatbreads with lamb and mint raitas, local cheeses, honeys, and a dessert table to greet you as you come in the door. Good thing for all the hiking and Yoga!

Yoga, Somatics & meditation

This retreat is a special opportunity to spend a 6-night yoga teachers retreat with Lisa in an intimate setting of only 18 teachers.

Lisa teaches Hatha yoga and also incorporates Somatics into her teaching.  Somatics is a mind body approach to improve our health and well-being naturally.  Through the use of easy, relaxing, gentle movements, somatic exercises teach you to use your brain to change your muscles.

This retreat will include asana, vinyasa, somatic inquiry, breathwork, meditation, and yoga Nidra.

There will also be short lectures using kinaesthetic/visual material (PowerPoint, anatomical models, and other avenues) to help you embody yourself in new ways.

Guided Outdoors in the Burren’ Outings

These outings are organised for the group as a whole, so you don’t need to do any planning or make any decisions.   Simply enjoy. Outings range from Hill walking and walks by the sea, Forest walks and exploring new special places, Swimming in our nearby lake and local beaches, Optional activities of surfing, kayaking, boat trips to the Cliffs of Moher, Immersion in Nature which is ‘food for the soul’

State of the art retreat centre

The most inspiring yoga studio flooded with natural light and designed according to sacred geometry at the foot of the Burren Hills.

It can feel as if you are practicing in the clouds… with amazing views from all 3 sides. Watch the fluffy clouds lazily drift overhead through the huge roof windows. Or lie back and watch the stars at night.

Enjoy newly built en-suite bedrooms are all very spacious, very bright with a large triple glazed window, super insulated so they are warm in Winter and cool in Summer, underfloor heating, and excellent sound proofing

About Lisa Petersen

Lisa Petersen is a somatics innovator and yoga teacher who is passionate about guiding people towards personal transformation both on and off the mat. She is internationally known for her integrity, clarity and presence. Her teaching is informed by a rich understanding of embodiment, experiential anatomy and developmental movement patterns. She is moved by finding the balance between being and doing, movement and stillness, strength and fluidity, discipline and freedom

  • 2 hour daily Morning classes
  • 2 hour daily Afternoon classes
  • 40 minute daily Evening Classes
  • 3 guided outings
  • Half day off

Enjoy over 26 hours of formal training. Sessions include asana, vinyasa, somatic inquiry, breathwork, meditation, and yoga Nidra.

Daily outings into the Burren hills and by the sea

Short lectures using kinaesthetic/visual material (PowerPoint, anatomical models, and other avenues) to help you embody yourself in new ways.

Luxurious facilities at our new ‘State of the Art’ retreat including amazing vegetarian food

Enjoy social interaction with like minded people

Freedom and Peace of mind in our Digital Free Environment

What others say

The retreat centre is beautiful, clean, welcoming and in a quiet place in nature. With lovely food and walks. The yoga room feels spacious and light with amazing views.

Lisa is a wonderful teacher. She meets everyone as and where they are in a way that makes you feel seen, accepted and save. She embodies the yoga and somatics practices with joy, playfulness and a world of knowledge. Being at the retreat felt like coming home to my practice as a teacher and a student. I arrived exhausted and departed refreshed, inspired and centred.

Carrie Schriemer Social Worker, Yoga Therapis

My time in Burren with Lisa was a treat as Lisas integrity, clarity and down to earth  approach to yoga and somatics made every practise session a welcoming home. Staying in the same place as the yoga and the hiking in nature to complement and to absorb the teaching was a great experience. I also enjoyed talking to the other teachers at the retreat around the table and out on excursions.

Hege Karlsen


Luxury - En-suite

  • Super King sized double (1 person on own) - €1740
  • Twin (1 person on own) - €1680
  • Single (1 person on own) - €1500
  • Super King sized double (2 people) - €2760
  • Twin (2 people) - €2580
  • Triple (3 people) - €3780

Budget - Shared Bathroom

  • Double (1 person on own) - €1440
  • Twin (1 person on own) - €1380
  • Single (1 person) €1320
  • Tiny Single  (1 person) - €1260
  • Double (2 people) - €2520
  • Twin (2 people) - €2460

What's included

  • All classes
  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Vegetarian meals except lunch
  • Guided Outings

Enjoy 6 Nights of

‘Luxurious Simplicity’ in the beautiful Burren