Teacher Training Testimonials

‘This training has been life changing. It has given me the tools in need to dive deeper into myself. Each module was so rich and deep. Each building and interweaving beautifully with the other. I am changed, this work penetrates your soul, it’s that deep. If you are even a little bit curious about who you are, how you move, and what your capable of, this training is for you. It’s an amazing gift.’

Sandra Mc Guffin,
Yoga Teacher

‘The training was infinitely beyond my expectations in every respect. This is quite simply food for the soul, cleverly disguised as a training course. So thank you to all of you for making this one of the most enjoyable, enlightening and nourishing experiences of my life! Through this wonderful experience, I really feel that in some fundamental way, I have finally ‘come home’ to myself.’

Aine Fortune,
Yoga Teacher

‘Lisa’s intuitive and exquisite mind have made this training to one of the most comprehensive and versatile courses I have ever attended. Lisa shows us what true sharing is, and selflessly offers her undeniable wealth of knowledge and support to her students (as do her co- teachers). She is an inspiration to me, and I feel blessed for being able to enhance my own knowledge through this amazing course. Thank you Lisa for making me a better person!’

Dani Gonzalez Ares,
Lead instructor trainer Stott Pilates

‘This was the first Teacher Training that enriched my life as much off the mat as on it. It helped me to embody the theoretical knowledge that I been gathering for 15 years as a student and a teacher. My practice and teaching took on a new direction and a new depth. My students have journeyed with me as enthusiastically and passionately as myself, ever curious about the fruits of the training. This work is like a very quiet but powerful revolution.’

Tanya Gillen,
Yoga Teacher

‘Two words come up for me a lot when thinking of my experience on the LYATT: curiosity and permission. I learned so much about the body and all it did was stoke an endless curiosity and wonderment in my own. Permission because there was always space to explore my own experience without there being one right answer. All of this shifted my teaching from a mode of ‘do this, feel that’ to ‘try this and what do you feel?’ This shift, which was a scary one, has been so worth it, seeing the impact on my own practice and my students’ practice, and it continues to ripple out into all areas of my life.’

Nicole Minogue,
Yoga Teacher

‘This training is a prolific immersion of contemporary anatomy and the human body’s relationship to the universe as a whole. Those with passion for Yoga or any aspect of the human body and mind’s architecture will reap in abundance, being inspired and challenged in all or any of the modules offered amid its faculty of passionate international teachers, all of whom conduct ongoing research and investigation in their individual field of expertise.’

Clare O’Connor

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