Art of Teaching Classes

Welcome to ‘The Art of Teaching’ Continuity Classes

From August to November 2021, Karla Brodie, Neal Ghoshal, Adelene Cheong and I will be presenting classes to support Donna Farhi’s Art of Teaching programme.

We are honoured and delighted to support you in your journey. 

My classes invite you into the joy and wonder of having a moving, breathing body. They explore the intersection of Yoga with Experiential Anatomy, Somatics, Developmental Movement and Embodiment. They are practical and experiential in nature while offering an artful, scientific, and spiritual approach. Each class is an opportunity to explore your breath, posture, and movement habits. We will cultivate a sense of presence and Yoga as a moving meditation. 

Donna has been my teacher, mentor, colleague and friend for over twenty years.

When I first heard her teach every cell in my body lit up in recognition of her presence and utter dedication to this wonderful practice we call yoga. As well as co-teaching two of her Teacher Trainings (along with Neal Ghoshal) and other workshops, I spent over 800 hours assisting her since 2005. 


Yoga through the lens of Experiential Anatomy, Somatics, Developmental Movement and Embodiment.

The offering will include:

  • Explore how to seamlessly incorporate somatic exercises into a Yoga practice.
  • Discover how an embodied approach can make the challenging poses easier. 
  • Try out new creative sequences for your Yoga practice and teaching. 
  • Explore how to ride the wave of the breath and the oscillation of the breath as a whole body experience.
  • Unpack developmental movement patterns. Practice identifying old patterns (in your physical, mental and emotional bodies) and establishing and entraining new patterns. 
  • Investigate your unique embodied anatomy and how it can support you in posture and movement. 
  • Practice how to create impeccable alignment from the inside out. 
  • Take a somatic journey towards self-sensing and self-healing. 
  • Move towards strength, balance and flexibility and away from injury. 
  • Develop your sixth sense and your body intelligence. 
  • Cultivate ease and relaxation within strength and integrity. 
  • Cultivate three Super Powers: curiosity, exploration and self-inquiry. 
  • Experience for yourself the innate wisdom of your body-mind-spirit.

Happy practice!

Class Themes and Dates

Embodying the Ground of Ease – Monday September 13th

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Finding Freedom with Somatics – Monday October 11th

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Intuitive Alignment in Asana – Monday November 8th

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19.00 – 20.30 pm GMT/
7.00-8.30 PM GMT.
Classes are in UK/Irish time.
I will be online from 6.45 pm each evening.
There will be 75 minutes of class, plus 15 minutes for questions, curiosities, and more after each class.

Practicalities and Registration

  • Each session requires an individual registration. So that’s twelve registrations if you want to attend all twelve classes.
  • Once you pre-register, Zoom will send you a link to the actual class. 
  • By registering, you are agreeing to receive an email from me with the recording link. 
  • All recordings will be available until Sunday November 21st, 2021. 
  • The recordings will include the classes but not the Questions and Answers as personal information might be shared in that section of class. 
  • Please note that these classes are designed for participants of Donna’s AOT course only.

Set up for your Zoom classes

  • Clear some physical and mental space. Tell the rest of your household you’re taking time out. 
  • Have the following props handy: a mat, 2 x blankets, a bolster, a brick block, a  soft-ball (that’s a soft inflatable ball), and a chair. We won’t use every prop in every class. I’ll let you know at the start of class.
  • Set up your device so that we can see you clearly, with a full view of your mat. 
  • Click join the meeting and let’s practice together!

Classes With Adelene, Neal and Karla

I heartily encourage you to explore all the classes on offer. This is a beautiful opportunity to experience the art of teaching though four distinct embodied voices and expressions, who grew up in this lineage.

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Lisa Petersen is a somatics innovator and yoga teacher who is passionate about guiding people towards personal transformation both on and off the mat. She is internationally known for her integrity, clarity, and presence. Her teaching is informed by a rich understanding of embodiment, experiential anatomy, and developmental movement patterns. She is moved by finding the balance between being and doing, movement and stillness, strength and fluidity, discipline and freedom.

Lisa invites her students into the joy of having a moving, breathing body. Her classes focus on embodying ease within effort using three Super Powers: curiosity, exploration and self-inquiry. She teaches with quintessential Irish charm and humour, imparting clarity and sensitivity while revealing the evolution of somatics and Yoga.

Lisa first trained at Vivekenanda Kendra (India’s most reputable Yoga Therapy hospital), before studying and co-teaching extensively with Donna Farhi. Her other primary teachers over the past two decades are Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Amy Matthews. Lisa offers workshops and teacher trainings in Yoga, Somatics and Embodied Anatomy around the world. She wishes extend her deepest gratitude to her many teachers and students, and all those seeking to make the world a more embodied place.

For any further info please contact: [email protected]