At its most basic it’s a way of teaching our muscles to relax and stay that way. In this way it offers an embodied antidote to pain and tension. The practice gives us the tools to free ourselves, moving us clearly in the direction of balanced strength and away from injury. This emphasis on agency (the ability to affect and change your life) is empowering, liberating and practical. After all, you’re the one that lives in your body. Who else knows you better?

'There is something about Hanna Somatics that is more than just releasing muscle tension, improving posture and deeply relaxing my body/mind. Something a bit magic happens. I feel more connected to my body, more at home in my body, and more at home in myself. It’s helped me access a piece of the puzzle that nothing else has yet.'

Sarah White, Scotland

'Somatics is the subtlest, deepest, most integrated body therapy I have experienced.'

Peter Labanyi, Psychotherapist
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