In order to apply, you need to be a qualified Yoga teacher OR a dedicated and experienced student of Yoga with a regular practice of over 5 years. Otherwise, all we ask of you is enthusiasm to learn, innate curiosity, a sense of humour, an open mind and open-hearted love of Yoga.

Application Procedure

Our application procedure has three steps as follows:

  • Read these Terms & Conditions (you will be asked to confirm having read them)
  • Complete the online application form
  • Pay the relevant deposit online

Your application will be processed within two weeks and you will be notified within that period whether your application has been accepted.

Modules may be applied for on an individual basis if a) students wish to complete the full LYATT 350-hour (YAP Accredited) course over more than one iteration of the training* or b) students wish to gain insight and inspiration into a particular field of study but are not looking for full accreditation.

* NB: Please be advised that should you wish to complete the full 350-hour course over more than one iteration, we retain the right to make changes to the course format, costs and location for subsequent iterations. Courses run approximately every two years.

Deposits, Fees and Payments:

Course fees include all tuition and assessment, mentoring, module manuals, subsidised trainee membership and join up fees with Yoga Alliance Professionals (if you are completing the LYATT 350 only). They do not include travel, accommodation or food. Please note we are reviewing our structure and costs. The information below is based on the last iterations of the training.

Payment Type Cost in Euros
Deposit per Individual Module (payable on application)* €150
Full cost per Individual module €150
Deposit for LYATT 350/500 €500
Early bird for LYATT 350 €3600
Early bird for LYATT 500 €5,000
Ful fees LYATT 350 €3,950
Full fees LYATT 500 €5,500

*Applications cannot be accepted without deposit payment

We will contact you within two weeks of receiving your form and if, for any reason, you are deemed ineligible, you will be refunded your deposit in full. If you are accepted onto the course, your deposit will be deducted from the overall cost as per your payment choice.

  Full payment for individual modules must be made two months prior to the start of the module. For a full list of payment dates contact
[email protected]
  The regular rate for the whole course can be paid either in a single payment or on a payment plan. If you would like details of the payment plan please contact [email protected]. Please be advised that if you opt for the payment plan, you will be asked to provide proof of a Standing Order set up for specific payment dates.

Canellations & Refund Policy

At Living Yoga (LY), we strive to make our refund policy as fair as possible to each registrant and to LY. Our refund policy is based upon providing the maximum refund while ensuring that our non-recoverable expenses are compensated.

All refunds are subject to a €150 administration fee.

Requests for refunds based on cancellations received by LY two months prior to the start of the course or module, will receive a full refund less the €150 administration fee.

Except as set out below, there will be no refund for cancellations received by LY less than two months prior to the start of the course / module. However, if the course is fully-subscribed and there is a waiting list of applicants, LY will attempt to fill the vacancy caused by the cancellation. If LY is successful in filling the vacancy, then a full refund less the €150 administration fee will be available. Refunds based upon LY filling a vacancy caused by a cancellation are granted at the sole discretion of LY.

Compassionate refunds

LY will offer a compassionate refund in the event of a life-threatening or disabling illness or accident for an enrolled student, or death of an immediate member of the family or household of an enrolled student. The definition of family or household will include spouses, children, partners/significant others, parents, step-parents, and in-laws. Students seeking a compassionate refund are required to supply a written justification along with medical or other documentation. Compassionate Refunds will be subject to an administration fee of €150 and payment to LY of all expenses already incurred by LY that cannot be recovered by LY. Please send requests for refunds to LY as soon as possible. All refunds will be at the discretion of LY personnel.

Cancellation of Course

Living Yoga reserves the right to cancel the training. If the course is cancelled more than one month prior to the course start, 100% of the fees will be refunded. If the course is cancelled within one month of the start date or over the duration of the course itself, Living Yoga will offer alternative course dates at no extra cost.

We advise you to put travel insurance in place to cover flights and accommodation in the rare and unlikely event of cancellation.


This training is certified with Living Yoga


This 350-hour training is accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP). Please note that accreditation with YAP for this course is only available to qualified Yoga teachers who already have a basic 200-hour qualification and who complete the full 350 hours of this course in one or more iterations.

Certificates of attendance for each module will be awarded to students who wish to use the course for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits with their professional accrediting organisation.

The 500-hour training is accredited by The Independent Yoga Network.


We ask you to complete an interim self-reflection paper and a class presentation in Module 4 – Integration.

Contact and Non-contact Hours

The YAP 350 consists of 36 full days of training, and the IYN 500 consists of 50 full days of training. Additional non-contact hours include home practice, study buddy sessions, review and consolidation of class materials. You will be asked to keep a learning log or home practice journal.

Missed Time and Extensions

We do not accredit anything less than full attendance.
Students can make up 3 hours on any given module with a qualified representative of Living Yoga.

The cost for this will be outside of the course structure.
Students may apply for an extension of course work. This is at the discretion of the Training Co-ordinator.

Feedback and Complaints Procedure

Please address any unsolicited feedback or complaints in writing to the Training Co-ordinator Aine at [email protected]

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