SEC Training Testimonials

‘Somatics has completely transformed my approach to my personal yoga practice and to yoga teaching.’

Colette Kealy, Ireland

The somatics training exceeded all my expectations and has been immensely supportive and nourishing. I felt totally at home, welcomed, and able to bring all of myself to the sessions. Somatics has become a life raft providing space to connect, and meet pain, emotion, or stress, and to find release and ease on the mat, which brings vitality and resilience to my life.   Lisa’s teaching is generous, deeply insightful, clear, and concise. She teaches with authenticity, integrity and huge compassion.

Cheryl Jenkins, Yoga and Dance Teacher, UK

I am not the same body, mind or spirit that came to the mat at the start of the training. The somatic teachings seem simple but are profound and have added so much to the way I practice, teach and perhaps most importantly live my life. It brings me ‘home’, and it sits so well with my yoga and mindfulness practices. This training is unique somehow. I think the strong focus on embodying the practice is a powerful element. The resources are wonderful and continue to be treasured, even after the training.’

Paul Oakley, Yoga Teacher, England

Lisa’s teaching was like opening another new window in my house of Yoga practice and teaching. With her embodied knowledge, humour and charm, she let in fresh air, new light and invited us into the playful, earthy garden of Somatics and self-enquiry. We’d look back at our ‘houses’ and see how they might change. When I returned ‘home’, not only had view from the window changed but the inside had transformed. It has done masses for my confidence as a teacher.’

Jamie Summers, Yoga Teacher, UK

Lisa has a way of teaching that opens the door for possibilities you didn’t even know are there. She has an ability to shine a light into corners and let you see what is going on without making you feel bad or small in any way. The way she presents the somatics practice makes it such a gift of awareness and freedom in your body. Thank you for creating such a well structured and fascinating course!

Nicole Minogue, Yoga Teacher, Northern Ireland

As a teacher myself I recognize that having knowledge does not always mean an innate ability to teach. Teachers, real teachers have a gift, a special something that helps them to share their knowledge in a myriad of ways, styles and voices so that everyone in the class can feel, understand and ultimately learn in their own unique way. Lisa is one of these teachers and to be in her class is a privilege. This work, delving into the soma through somatic training, is an essential component for any movement and wellbeing professional and indeed anyone interested in really connecting to the Mind-Body experience.

Michelle Riordan, Yoga Teacher, Ireland

There is something about Hanna Somatics that is more than just releasing muscle tension, improving posture and deeply relaxing my body/mind. Something a bit magic happens. I feel more connected to my body, more at home in my body, and more at home in myself. It’s helped me access a piece of the puzzle that nothing else has yet.’

Sarah White, Yoga Teacher, Scotland

Lisa explains somatics in a clear, accessible and thorough way. She guides you with a self-confidence that only knowledge and experience can give you and she embraces you during the workshop with a kindness and a tact that only a pure loving heart can share.

Simona Bezzoni, Yoga Student, Ireland

This journey with Lisa has shown me how to befriend my own body in all its facets, through her amazing knowledge, clinical experience and gift of communication she has shown me the way to functionally move, overcome hurdles and ingrained patterns within myself and provided through this course a road map of integrated movement that is nourishment to both body and mind. This training will change your life.

Margaret Coulter, Yoga Teacher, Northern Ireland

Thank you for sharing the gift of your passion, wisdom and experience, and the refinement and rigour of your practice, to enable us to teach others with integrity.

Gaby Porter, Yoga Teacher, UK

Somatics has helped me to slow down and to be more mindful. It has helped to feel more stable and at ease and has brought my yoga practice to a complete different level.

Marion Buechner, Yoga Teacher, Ireland

Lisa Petersen is one of the most inspiring teachers I have met in the area of movement education. She creates an all inclusive, kind and gentle environment for students to be at ease, and imparts her clear, intelligent knowledge to awaiting bodies. I soaked up every moment with relish, and look forward to my somatic journey with her guidance.’

Clare O’Dea, Yoga Teacher, Ireland

Somatics has helped to change and stabilise my voice, and stabilise the many timbres of my singing, the range of tones and available breath I have so now I incorporate a standing somatic sequence, which I have developed into all my choir warm ups.

Emma Mansfield, Yoga Teacher, UK

Knowing Lisa’s work has been a revelation in my learning process, as a human being, as a student who has a body that sometimes I don’t listen to and also as a teacher for all the invaluable tools that it offers to me. The knowledge that Lisa has is very extensive and of invaluable application. The direct experience of my body through the somatic work has been a change of paradigm to understand myself, me and I and also to understand my ailments.  It is also a learning to know how to be in a body. As a yoga teacher this training has offered to me a lots of inspiration, security and amazing tools that have become a “must” in my classes and in my teachings.

Marta Puig, Yoga Teacher, Spain

I have been exploring Somatic Movement Education for 3 years now and I am continually amazed by the depth and accessibility of the practice. Although the movements may appear simple – they command all of my attention and lure me easily into the depths of my being to that space of deep connection, bliss and stillness.  On a Physical level, I have experience more sustainable postural and functional improvements in 3 years than I have in 15 years of teaching and practicing asana or my 22 years of working as a Physiotherapist. Somatic movement education is now a regular part of my daily practice, my teaching and my clinical practice – i describe it to clients as the ‘missing link’ between yoga asana practice and Physio. I love how its simplicity makes it so accessible and how profound and long lasting the effects are on the body, mind and spirit- thank you Lisa Petersen for coming to Australia and sharing this amazing practice with us.’

Shelly Freund, Yoga Teacher and Physiotherapist, Australia

Accidentally discovering Somatics, over the last two years I have fallen in love with it. Through deep listening I have begun to unravel places within myself previously unknown, allowing space for my inner voice to be heard. The sense of curiosity and exploration attracts me to watch, as my body’s self-healing capacity guides me towards balance. Lisa’s Somatic Exercise Coach training has gifted me the knowledge, tools and attitude to continue this exploration within myself and also to share this gift with others.

Deirdre Mullins, Yoga Teacher and Somatic Educator, Ireland

Your teaching style is so knowledgeable, gentle and empowering and for want of better expressions your “science and evidence led” approach makes your classes unbeatable. I have never seen myself as someone who subscribed to forcing my body into postures but somatics revealed to me that I did.  Even my most resistant of students who have a pre-determined idea of what yoga is have been humbled by the before and after evidence of the freedom of movement somatics offers.  t really is a quiet revolution… a revolution that you have introduced me to and promote so beautifully. I love your ambassadorship and honour of this work and you inspire me everyday at the moment.

Emma Mansfield, Yoga and Voice Teacher, UK

Somatic movement, for me, has completely transformed my approach to my personal yoga practice (and to yoga teaching).  Somatics asks one to gently explore movement and to listen deeply to the body and to wait for the body to respond in its own way, in its own time. I have found the effects of somatic practice to be less about achieving results; such as increased flexibility, or ‘better’ yoga postures, but rather a gentle, subtle and progressive letting go of habitual holding of tension in the body. Over the years, the effects for me have been profound. Through regular somatic movement (and yoga) practice- I feel, in general, a greater sense of ease in the body, a deeper connection to myself and a more profound sense of well-being.

Colette Kealy, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, Ireland